I am committed to my work, and to my lifestyle.  In my work, I am committed to using fine and sturdy fabrics in the collection, because I want the pieces to last a very long time.  I am committed to making everything in Los Angeles, because it is important to me to support my community.  I choose these things because I believe they are right and good.  In my life, I know that I deserve to be a sane person.  I know that I need time away to be sane, so I take it.  Not because I am spoiled, but because I value my existence as a happy, balanced person.  Everyone deserves this. 


BETH KATZ (Mt. Washington Pottery)

Beth Katz is the creative force behind Mt. Washington Pottery, a beautiful collection of functional and decorative ceramics.

Beth makes all the work by hand and on the potter's wheel in her Los Angeles, California studio. Her work has an elegant simplicity, which marries the wabi-sabi aesthetic of traditional Japanese ceramics and the modernism of Scandinavian design. These elements are clearly visible in the fluidity of her forms and in the literal mark she leaves of her own hand: the remnant of her fingerprints at the bottom of each piece.

Beth Katz

ERIN ALTHEA (Love & Quarry)

Erin has an inexhaustible passion for drawing and painting. She loves the imperfections and human touch that come with hand-made artwork, and seeing how these elements blend with new kinds of media and new ideas. She became an illustrator after graduating from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA in 2008. She enjoys exploring ways of expanding and stretching her work through new challenges and collaborations!

Erin currently live in Los Angeles, CA with her twin daughters, Scarlett and Juniper (who often sneak into her artwork).

Erin Althea is an L.A. artist commissioned to fabricate paper weights of her own design for a new hotel in Koreatown called The Line. Aaron Farley shot and directed and I edited it. "My Only Swerving" By El Ten Eleven:
Single from the EP: Bedtime Stories || Passengers (EP Release Date: Summer 2014) Video Illustrated by Erin Althea Directed by Rie Sinclair I Miss You Records Artist: Rie Sinclair Produced by Bob Hartry at CatBeach Studios Online: Contact/booking: © & (p) I Miss You Records


Originally trained as a painter, Pauline Wolstencroft creates hand-formed ceramic pieces which she decorates using a combination of underglazes, stains, and glazes. She is inspired and informed by the landscape and colors found in her adopted home of California. She lives in Highland Park, CA.

Ceramics by Pauline Wolstencroft Music by Von Doog

JULIANA HUNG (jujumade)

Juliana Hung started her line in 2012. With an Industrial design background, her previous work required precision and technical skills. Creating jujumade allowed Juliana to move from behind a computer screen to hands on work creating, sculpting and constructing. What she creates is inspired by the potential of the material she is working with.

Ceramics are typically stationary and utilitarian, jujumade breaks away from this mold and transforms ceramics into wearable pieces that are both sculptural and playful. Pieces can be worn in multiple ways, allowing the owner to experiment and find their own look.

jujumade_in studio.JPG